Cooperation Models

The PlumCode agency practices two cooperation models depending on customer needs and resources:

Fixed time – Fixed price model

Fixed time – fixed price business model is the best low-risk cooperation model for clients. It's most suited for small projects where the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. In this model time schedule is strictly defined as well as total cost of the project and payment dynamics.

Nearshore bureau

In the case that assignment is not yet completely specified or implementation costs are not defined upfront, we offer more suitable time and material cooperation model - outsourcing under customer's supervision (also often referred to as "Nearshore bureau"). The contract specifies the programming services that are charged on a weekly basis according to a detailed effort reports.

Referral program

If you introduce us to a new client, we will sign a Referral Program Agreement with you and you'll receive referral fee starting from 5% of the project cost once the project is billed.

Already know potential client who is looking for a Typo3 website, eCommerce solution or Android mobile app? Please, let us know and we'll  "thank you" for your recommendation.